Do I need a wig cap?

A wig cap is optional.

It can be used to disguise your natural hair and keeping it flat to your head so the wig can sit more comfortably. It can also prevent  slipping and act as a barrier against the wig.

How does the wig stop on?

The wig will stay on by itself but for extra security tighten the adjustors at the nape, clip on to existing hair or use tape (only recommended for total hair loss).

How do I put it on?

The two important rules for putting on your wig correctly are to position the wig line at the front 4 fingers width from your brow bone and to ensure the tabs on each side of the wig are evenly positioned so the wig is straight.

How often should I wash my wig?

Once every  7 – 10 days if worn regularly.

Will a wig stop my own hair from growing back?

A wig will not prevent your hair from growing back. However, if glues are used then please seek advice from your stylist.

Can I swim and exercise in my wig?

We recommend that you wear an old wig to swim in. If you do, rinse the wig immediately after.

Can I sleep in my wig?

We do not recommend this as it will cut the life span of your wig in half.

Can I wear the hair up?

You can wear the hair up but try to keep it loose to avoid showing any joins. Be careful when removing any hair accessory.

Can I change to parting?

Only monofilament wigs have the option of changing the parting.

Can I use any brush?

We recommend using a soft brush not a fine comb.



Can I use heat on my fibre wig?

Never use heated appliances unless specified on the website or product that they are heat friendly hair and then you can only go to the maximum heat of 160 degrees. The fibre will burn.

Can I use human hair products on fibre?

We strongly recommend that you use fibre products to wash your wig with.

What happens when it frizzes?

At this point it may be time to replace your wig.

Can I dye my fibre wig?

You cannot dye/tint fibre.

How long does the wig last?

The expected lifespan for a short fibre wig is 4 – 6 months. A mid length (or bob) wig is 3 – 4 months and a long wig is 2 – 3 months; these time frames are an estimate and are based on everyday wear.


Human Hair:

What happens when the ends become dry?

It may be best to have the hair trimmed.

Does the hair fade?

All human hair wigs fade and this is due to an oxidization process that happens in the environment. This will occur in the first few months of wear. The colour can be restored. Human hair can be dyed darker but not lighter. Seek professional advice with regards to colouring.

How long does the human hair wig last?

The wig will last approximately 8 months to a year.