Clip in Bangs / Fringe

  • Takes seconds to install
  • Premium synthetic hair
  • Length 14 cm
  • Approx weight 4g
Clip in Bangs-Fringe
As low as £12.00

Want a fringe but not sure if it will suit you? … here’s the perfect way to try it out without the chop!

This way you can have a natural looking perfect fringe and the next day change it up.

With one simple clip you have an instant new look with a BANG!

With a small amount of hairspray in the front of your hair you can position the clip in bang to the length desired to fall in the correct place and clip – simple! The clip in fringe is so lightweight you forget your wearing it.

For more security try teaming your clip in bangs with a hair up – once your hair is up spray your hair then snap the clip at the correct place for your face and your good to go!

Clip in bangs make the perfect combo alongside the large premium messy bun.

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