20″-22″ Luxury Clip In Set 100g


  • Available in 3 different weight options (100g, 150g and 200g)
  • Double Drawn Remy Hair
  • 20-22 inch length
20″-22″ Luxury Clip In Set 100g
As low as £145.00


Amazing hair does not have to be hard work if you choose clip in hair. Simply clip them in and style and then at the end of the day unclip and store away. No long blow dry’s or trips to the salon for maintenance appointments.

Routes Luxury clip in sets are made with our finest double drawn Remy hair with a lifespan of approximately 12 months (possibly longer) if not wearing to bed and using correct aftercare. Sourced and selected from the finest Indian hair. The hair is not over processed to ensure the cuticles lay correct and intact (Remy hair). The hair is the most natural to see and feel giving long lasting gorgeous locks.


We do 3 weight options:

100g – suitable for fine hair.
150g – suitable for average/medium thickness
200g – suitable for thick hair.

The classic clip in set comes as follows:

2 strips of approx. 20cm wide with 4 clips attached
2 strips of approx. 15cm wide with 3 clips attached
2 strips of approx. 10cm wide with 2 clips attached
2 strips of 5cm wide with one clip attached

Our new improve brick lay clip ins come as follows:

6 especially designed pieces including-
3 x strips of 4 “ pieces with 3 clips attached
3 x strips of 6” pieces with 2 clips attached

Starting with a 4” piece at the nape of the hair near the neck then brick laying the larger pieces on the next section and repeating this will create just 3 rows of full thick hair.

We designed the new brick lay clip ins as it achieves thicker pieces of hair in a more compact space so that the strips are less noticeable and you’re not running out of space on your head to fit them in discreetly.

While we changeover our stock we can not guarantee both clip in styles will be available. We will send the clip in style that is available in the shade and weight of your choice. All our clip ins are guaranteed to be the same amount of hair weight so with either set you will still receive the same amount of hair.

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