20″-22″ Premium Gold Range Weft 50g


  • 50g per pack
  • 20-22 inch long
  • 12 month lifespan
  • Double drawn Remy Temple hair
20″-22″ Premium Gold Range Weft 50g
As low as £105.00


Routes Premium Gold hair is the highest quality virgin (never before chemically processed) temple hair from Southern India. It is well known that in India, men and women donate their hair for religious reasons. The practice of shaving hair and offering hair as a sacrifice is known as Tonsuring. The temple then sells the hair to dealers that process the hair (usually either still in India or the Far East) and the money goes back into the temple and community.

The Remy (hair cut from a pony tail ensuring all hairs fall in the same direction with cuticles in tact and undamaged) hair is processed very slowly with delicate products ensuring that the cuticles of the hair are not damaged, dried or compromised in any way. This process takes four times longer than standard hair processing times. The specialist method of processing teamed with the best virgin hair gives a far silkier, finer feel that is compatible to European hair. The lifespan averages at 12 months (9 months for light blondes) and in many cases longer lifespans are reported.

The bonds on all our strand hair is the purest 100% Italian keratin to ensure no sticky bonds that stay strong and hard for many months.

This is the hair that many brands market as “Russian” or “Russian/Mongolian” hair, as the feel and quality is far greater than the standard Indian hair. Routes don’t market scams and wont mislead customers – just facts and knowledge! We challenge you to compare the premium gold range to that of comparable priced alternative hair extensions – you won’t be disappointed!


Additional Information

Weight 102 g

1 – Jet Black, 1B – Brown / Black, 2 – Darkest Brown, 3 – Warm Dark Brown, 4 – Chocolate Brown, 6 – Golden Brown, 8 – Warm Light Brown, 9 – Ash, 10 – Lightest Brown, 12 – Darkest Blonde, 14 – Dark Ash Blonde, 16 – Caramel, 18 – Dark Blonde, 24 – Champagne Blonde, 18/60 – Beach Blonde Mix, 4/16 – Mix Choc, Hilight, 27 – Rose Gold, 30 – Chestnut, 33 – Copper Brown, 99j – Plum Brown, 530 – Bright Burgundy, Red – Bright Red, 613 – Lightest Ash Blonde, 60 – Platinum Blonde, 1b/4/24 – “Ombre”, 4/6/12 – “Ombre”, 18/24/60 – “Ombre”, Grey

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